To be eligible to take the California Real Estate License Exam to become a California Salesperson, you must enroll in 135 hours of CalBRE approved courses and present proof of completion certificates for California Real Estate Principles, California Real Estate Practice, and an elective course. We include California Real Estate Finance as that elective course.

Immediately after you enroll in our CA Real Estate License program, you will be able to access your course by going to www.mycoursepage.comand entering your email address and password. You will use your email and password to access our free online real estate license test center. In California, it is a state requirement that you wait a minimum of 18 days before having access to your first exam and 18 days before each subsequent exam. Our course exams are online, open-book exams. Simply score 60% or better out of 100 multiple choice questions and you will receive immediate notification that you passed. You will be able to print out your course certificate immediately after you have passed your exam.

You can complete a California Real Estate Prelicense course in as little as 54 days (3 courses at 18 days each) if you wish, however, California License gives you up to six months from the date of enrollment to complete the course.

How long is my California Real Estate Prelicense course certificate valid?

The California Real Estate Prelicense course certificates are good for life. There is no expiration date and no deadline required to be met before you apply to take the California State Exam.

Yes, all of California License’s Real Estate courses have been vigorously reviewed and approved by the California Bureau of Real Estate. You can enroll in all of our Online California Real Estate License courses with the confidence of knowing that all of our courses are CalBRE approved!

The California State Exam has 150 multiple choice questions, and you have 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete them. You may not bring notes, however, you may bring a simple four-function calculator.

Yes. We recommend you use our state-of-the-art California Real Estate License Exam Prep to prepare for the California State Exam. The Exam Prep is included in many of our packages, however if you already have completed the California Real Estate License Pre-license course, you may order the Exam Prep separately.

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