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Sales Agent Licensing Education

This 3-Course Agent Education Package includes Real Estate Principles, Practice and the elective Legal Aspects. You complete these courses to qualify you to take the State licensing exam.

This package does not include State Exam prep materials — no prep book, video, flash cards or practice exams

General Information Page 

Your Course Testing Procedures
  • You may take one exam every 18 days following the date of your enrollment
  • After the first 18 days you may take one exam, then another exam every 18 days
    Thus, you may complete 3 courses in 54 days
  • You may print your Certificate of Completion at any time
  • Each course exam has 100 multiple choice questions and are open book with a 60% passing score to complete the exams, with unlimited attempts during your one year enrollment
  • Course quizzes are included in the printed book and online for you to check your comprehension and prepare you for course testing. Quizzes are not graded.
  • You may take the final exam online 24/7. Or you may test on paper in the presence of a monitor
  • When taken online, your exam results are posted on completing the exam or expiration of testing time


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